That's Why You're Here bookI’m thrilled to announce the birth of my book: That’s Why You’re Here. (It’s available on Amazon.) For those who love to listen to books, it’s available on Audible. I was compelled to write this book from the stories shared during tarot readings. For those able, I’m asking my online family and friends to embrace this book and share it across their avenues of social media. I would love a grass roots movement to lift and carry this book to those who grew up in alcoholic homes, and others who may benefit. 

Some may not be aware that Amazon works upon reviews. If you read and find the book helpful, I would be so grateful if you left a review at Amazon or Goodreads.

Please see the Red Headed Book Lover’s review of That’s Why You’re Here.

That’s Why You’re Here  is sold at Face In A Book in El Dorado Hills.

After completing my memoir, I discovered I missed the process of writing. To fill my new found passion, I started to blog. On Inspired Thoughts, the topics range from Outlander to the Tarot. I write about things that touch me or appeal to my followers on Pinterest. It’s a fun ride! Please click on Blog, to check out my musings.
Article appearing in the Auburn Journal for my presentation at Gold Country Writers.