That's Why You're Here bookI’m thrilled to announce the birth of my book: That’s Why You’re Here. (It’s available on Amazon.) For those who love to listen to books, it’s available on Audible. I was compelled to write this book from the stories shared during tarot readings. For those able, I’m asking my online family and friends to embrace this book and share it across their avenues of social media. I would love a grass roots movement to lift and carry this book to those who grew up in alcoholic homes, and others who may benefit. 

Some may not be aware that Amazon works upon reviews. If you read and find the book helpful, I would be so grateful if you left a review at Amazon or Goodreads.

That’s Why You’re Here  is sold at Face In A Book in El Dorado Hills.

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That’s Why You’re Here: A Journey From Grief To Metaphysical Awareness

by Erin G. Burrell


Jan 09, 2020

Skeptics welcomed.

Everyday I look through the free Kindle books in the “Memoirs” section. Normally, I pass on anything that involves the paranormal and I don’t know why I bought this one. I’ve never had a “reading” of any kind and never felt any need to try to contact my dead loved ones or to seek guidance from other-worldly beings.

That said, I see no reason to condemn those who do. I don’t go to church, either, but I’m not contemptuous of church goers. Whatever floats your boat is as close to a personal philosophy as I’ve managed to cobble together and it’s worked pretty well for me. Some Christians feel that any sort of paranormal exploration is forbidden them and some see it as a way of growing closer to God.. Unless you are strongly opposed, this book is a fascinating look at how one woman has dealt with the scars from her troubled childhood and has helped other people overcome theirs.

The author tuned to a medium after the suicide of her husband. She found that it helped her and she studied to be able to help others. I’m sure most of her clients come with the usual problems – bad relationships, money problems, job trouble. But the ones she connects with most strongly are people struggling with childhoods destroyed by alcoholic parents and/or sexual abuse. Today, there is counseling available, but in the past a child was simply told to forget it happened.

The story of the author’s family (an alcoholic grandmother, an alcoholic mother, and an alcoholic step-father who sexually abused her) is gut-wrenching. She survived and appeared to thrive, but dealt with the aftermath in her adult life. She benefited from belonging to Al-Anon and recommends it to her clients. She also recommends traditional counseling when she feels it’s appropriate. And she tells her clients about support groups for victims of childhood sexual abuse and books that have helped her. She sells no paranormal accessories (literature, crystals, etc.) so she has no ax to grind.

Her success comes from being an intelligent, kind-hearted, unshockable listener. Many of us know the answer to our problems but need an unbiased person to help us define those answers and gather the strength to implement them. Ministers and counselors perform the same service, as do friends and relatives if you’re lucky enough to have the right ones.

Did I rush to find a medium as soon as I finished the book? No. But I was impressed with the author’s intelligence and her knowledge of human nature. To turn to spiritual readings in times of overwhelming grief or other problems strikes me as a better option than turning to drugs, alcohol, over-spending, or abusive relationships. Life is often hard and confusing. A wise, caring friend is always a good thing to have. This author fills that roll for people in need and has my admiration for doing so.
Be sure to check out the podcast and look for S2E19. We talked about alcoholism, the Tarot, intuition, writing, and books. (1/6/20)
Article appearing in the Auburn Journal for my presentation at Gold Country Writers.
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