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Erin G. Burrell

I was recently contacted by my friend, Erica, asking me for an update on my facelift, after two years. We had originally done a four part series on my procedure for her wonderful website – I Spy Fabulous. I wanted women to get a first hand report on what the experience was really like. Seeing before and after pictures taken in the surgeon’s office didn’t tell the whole story, and that’s what I was interested in. 

Keeping a diary enabled me to document everything I was going through––before, during, and after. It became the basis for the four part series. I took lots of pictures, many scary and unflattering, the kind doctors won’t show you. The purpose was so women could make a more informed decision when contemplating a facelift.

Collaborating with Erica allowed me to share my facelift experience and to connect with a community of women. Through emails, I have been touched by their questions, hopes, and fears. Some women said they weren’t planning to tell others they had had a facelift, but the candor expressed in the articles encouraged them to be honest. I’m grateful that many found the series helpful in their own facelift journeys.

For those of you interested in learning more about the facelift experience, please click the link to I Spy Fabulous to enjoy the condensed and updated version regarding my procedure.

Erin G. Burrell

Author of: That’s Why You’re Here    


Tarot Readings By Erin

“Your soul is requesting that you take a break from the chaos of the outside world, and urges you to go within. Answers do not always lie outside of us. This card asks that you unplug from electronic devices, and spend some time getting quiet.”

8 – Inner Strength

Tarot Readings By Erin

“Spirit brings the Inner Strength card to you when you are facing a challenge. In the past, you’ve called upon your inner reserve of strength, and it’s time to do so again. The qualities of courage, willpower, and compassion will assist you in handling anything you find troubling. Take a deep breath, and know that within you carry a steely resilience.”